Introducing “The Circle Back Initiative”

John Valves is proud to be part of a consortium comprising national and international companies.

We are am to share a significant milestone on our journey toward creating an unparalleled recruitment experience at John Valves. As part of a dynamic consortium comprising approximately 300 national and international companies, we are collectively committed to revolutionising the way applicants engage with us. This initiative, aptly named The Circle Back Initiative, aligns seamlessly with our core values of Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, and Transparency.

Our Vision: Elevating the Recruitment Experience

Our paramount goal is to ensure that every interaction an applicant has with John Valves is filled with value and respect. Even if an individual is not ultimately successful, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing a positive and respectful experience throughout the recruitment process.

The Circle Back Initiative Standards: A Commitment to Excellence

As part of this groundbreaking initiative, we, alongside our esteemed consortium partners, have pledged to adhere to six minimum standards, reinforcing our dedication to transparency, communication, and respect:

  1. Acknowledgment of Application:
    • Every applicant will receive an acknowledgment email upon the receipt of their application.
  2. Outcome Communication:
    • Each unsuccessful application will prompt the sending of an outcome email, SMS, or other written communication.
  3. Assessment and Interview Feedback:
    • Candidates undergoing online assessments or phone interviews will receive an outcome email, SMS, or other written communication.
    • Every candidate interviewed face-to-face or via live video will be furnished with verbal feedback or outcome. In instances of bulk or high-volume recruitment, a written outcome or feedback may be provided as an alternative.
  4. Transparent Job Advertisements:
    • Job advertisements will refrain from including specific statements such as – “Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.”
  5. Active Communication of Commitment:
    • Employers will actively communicate their commitment to candidates.

The Ripple Effect: Beyond John Valves

The Circle Back Initiative is not just about transforming our recruitment processes; it’s about contributing to a larger movement. We envision a recruitment environment where transparency, communication, and respect are paramount, reflecting the values that define John Valves and our collaborative partners. This initiative is a significant step in our journey toward becoming an ‘Employer of Choice’ for employment.

Join us in celebrating this transformative initiative, as we continue to shape a future where every applicant feels valued and respected.

Circle Back Intiative
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