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Y-Type Plug Valve


Y-Type Valves

Y-type valves are, not surprisingly, characterised by the Y-shaped design, which integrates the valve body and the branch into a single assembly. This configuration offers many benefits, including reduced pressure drop across the valve...
John Valves is proud to be part of a consortium comprising national and international companies.
Parallel slide valves are used on high pressure and temperature applications. Heavily deployed in the steam, petroleum & natural gas industries.
Ball valves quietly fulfil a vital role in the world of industrial piping systems, where efficiency and precision are paramount.
Safety Relief Valves (SRVs) and Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) play crucial roles in dealing with overpressure scenarios that might result in catastrophic outcomes.
Ensuring your butterfly valves dimensions are the right size and correctly installed is important for optimal performance.
Wastewater treatment plants are pivotal in maintaining the health of our environment by effectively purifying water before it’s returned to natural water bodies like seas or rivers.
Plug valves silently play a vital role, offering exceptional control and reliable shut-off capabilities. Read on as we delve into the allure of plug valves.
The bellows are made of high-strength materials and offer excellent resistance to corrosion, high pressures, and temperature variations.
Looking to understand automatic flow control valves work? In the complex world of fluid management, achieving precise and reliable flow control is paramount.
Water pressure plays a significant role in protecting plumbing systems. Excessive water pressure can pose serious risks, leading to equipment damage, leaks, and costly downtime.
Among the various types of gate valves, parallel slide gate and wedge gate valves are frequently compared to each other due to their unique features
Knife Gate was first developed in the United States, while the Guided Shear Gate emerged in Switzerland.