Valves for Industry

Our wide product range consists of a variety of types of high-quality valves for different industry applications. We appreciate the uniqueness of every project. We also provide the option for custom-made specialty products to order.

Some of the industries we service:

Water Industry Sewerage Ponds Treatment Plant

Water & Wastewater Industry

As a committed producer and provider, we focus on creating tailor-made solutions for water and wastewater management. Our diverse client base across Australia benefits from our expertise in delivering dependable, efficient, and affordable valve solutions.

power industry

Power Generation Industry

John Valves understands the vital importance of flow control technology in all energy operations. We concentrate on boosting the lasting profitability of your plant, offering premium power generation valves designed to fulfill and surpass the requirements of contemporary energy facilities.

Refinery Ball Valves

Oil & Gas Industry

In the oil and gas sector, industrial valves play a crucial role. They are vital in managing flow and controlling pressure, necessary for safeguarding pipelines and equipment in the extraction, processing, and transport of oil and gas. Selecting the correct valve is vital, as it significantly affects oil and gas operations’ efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Trusted Australian manufacturer with expertise in mining valves Our engineering team utilises years of research and hands-on experience in the mining sector to develop cost-efficient, durable solutions for our clients. Our valves are designed to endure the abrasive and corrosive materials commonly encountered in refining processes.

Food & Beverage Cooking in vats

Food & Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage production industry, valves are indispensable, playing key roles at different production stages. Their main functions include regulating the flow and pressure of liquids and gases, which is essential for efficient, safe processing, packaging, and distribution.

offshore platform

Hydrocarbon Industry

Our dependable, industry-tested hydrocarbon valves are engineered to reduce operational concerns, allowing you to concentrate more on profitability. Recognising that each project is unique, we also offer the service of creating custom specialty products tailored to your specific needs.

traditional valves for the steam industry in a boiler room

Steam Industry

Steam plays a vital role in numerous industrial applications, and we take pride in supplying top-quality valves to a wide array of these uses. With our extensive research and industry expertise, our engineers are dedicated to designing robust, enduring solutions.


Quality, Testing & Standards

Our valves are tested and certified in-house to your specifications. We can meet and exceed Australian standards where required. 

Delivery & Shiping

Nationwide & International

We can deliver valves across the country and overseas. We utalise road, air, and sea freight to meet time and budget requirements.

Other Industries

Where there is a need for a valve...

We service any industry that needs a high quality valve. Contact our inhouse experts to discuss your unique needs and requirements.