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Power Generation Valves

The pressure to keep power generating processes up to code combined with ongoing safety concerns and meeting compliance can be overwhelming. That’s where John Valves comes in. Our reliable, tested and industry-proven power generation valves run in thousands of energy applications across Australia.

We understand the importance of flow control technology to every energy facility. Our high-quality power generation valves are designed with your plant’s long-term profitability in mind.

John Valves Power Generation Valves

At John Valves, we know the power generation industry. As such, our comprehensive range of power generation valves are purpose-built for unwavering dependability. We appreciate the uniqueness of every project. Thus, we also provide the option for custom-made speciality products to order.

globe valve
Globe Valves

These linear motion valves are used to stop, start and control the flow of fluid. Unlike the perpendicular seating in gate valves, globe valve seating is parallel to the line of flow. All contact between seat and disc ends when flow begins. This provides the valve with effective throttling ability for flow regulation.

check valve
Check Valves

The check valve, also known as a non-return valve, is used in piping systems to restrict and stop backflow. The fluid that passes through a pipeline creates pressure and flow velocity that opens the valve. On the flip side, the reversal of flow will cause the valve to close. There are a variety of valve types depending on the requirements of your system.

gate valve
Gate Valves

These types of valves, commonly used in process plants and water systems, are linear motion valves used to start or stop the flow of fluid or gas. In operation, gate valves are either completely open or completely closed. They allow for a minimal pressure drop as the fluid passes through the valve. This is due to the gate valve being removed from the flow when it is fully open, creating no resistance.

Gate valves, while not designed for throttling or too-frequent operation are generally ideal for services requiring full flow or no flow applications.

safety relief valve
Safety/Relief Valves

These valves work as safety devices, protecting pressurised equipment or systems during an overpressure event. If the pressure increases beyond what the equipment or piping system is designed to handle, damage can occur to the system itself, as well as personnel and property.

The primary purpose of safety and relief valves is to vent gas or fluid from a system that has become over pressurised, preventing the risk of damage and injury.

ball valve
Ball Valves

A ball valve is a valve with a spherical ball inside the valve body. The sphere has a hole through its middle so that, when in line with both ends of the valve, the flow will occur. When the valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the ends of the valve and flow is blocked.

Ball valves are used extensively in industrial applications due to their versatility and ease of repair and quick operation.

needle valve
Needle Valves

Named after their sharp needle-like disc and matching seat, needle valves design allows for precise throttle control in small piping systems.

pressure reducing valve
Pressure Reducing Valves

Sometimes the pressure generated by boiler, pump and compressor systems are too high for the process equipment downstream. Pressure reducing valves are used to create a consistent flow at a more suitable pressure level.

blowdown valve
Blowdown Valves

Our dreadnought fig BDV blowdown valves are suitable for attachment to all types of boilers for continuous or intermittent use to drain dissolved solids from the boiler water. They are fitted with a stainless steel ball and reinforced PTFE seats with a quick quarter-turn action to open & close.

parallel slide valve
Parallel Slide Valves

These valves consist of two discs which maintain contact with the parallel body seats with a light spring. It uses line pressure to effect a tight closure. Temperature changes in the line are accommodated by the flexibility of the disc assembly and therefore do not affect the operation of the valve.

When being opened or closed, the discs slide across the seat faces, helping to remove any direct and foreign matter from the seating faces.


The purpose of these valves is to stop particles from passing through a pipeline and damaging sensitive equipment. They do this by employing a perforated mesh straining element.

The use of a y-strainer results in minimal pressure drop.

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Our trusted reconditioning and repair service is here to help you keep your equipment performing optimally. Our skilled team is equipped to recondition and repair a wide range of makes, types and sizes of valves. We do this with the knowledge, skills and experience we have acquired during our many years in business.

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