Gate Valve


Metal Seated, Swing Check

404 - 150mm

The JOHN cast iron swing check valves are designed to give genuine full-bore flow on lines carrying liquids that are non-injurious to the specified materials. They operate equally well in either horizontal or vertical installations. In service, the valve disc swings away from the seat on a hinge and returns quickly and accurately to the closed position immediately flow ceases or attempts to reverse.

  • Capable of temperatures up to 120ºC
  • Available in larger sizes upon request.
  • It is recommended that valves are installed a minimum of 8-10 pipe diameters from the pump.
  • It is good engineering practice to fit a counterweight to valves incorporating an extended hinge pin
  • Available in other materials and trims


  • Flanged AS 2129 Table F Undrilled, can be drilled to table C,D,E, F or ANSI
  • Extended hinge pin
  • Counterweight
  • Open/shut indicator
  • Remote position indication
  • No-flow limit switch
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating
  • Special paint finish
Item Details
Body Material
Spheroidal Graphite Ductile Iron
Body Coating
Pressure Range
PN16 - PN21 - PN35
Size Range
Flange Connection
AS 4087 / AS 2129 Table E, F & H / ANSI
End Connection
Lever & Weight / Limited Switch / Position Indicator / Guard Cage / Epoxy Coating
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404 - 150mm