JOHN FIG 4205/4207

Metal Seated, Tilt Check

4205 disc check valve

The John wafer type tilting disc check valve, Fig. 4205 is an economical alternative to the conventional type tilting disc valve. The overall length of the body has been reduced to the extent that in the fully open position, the disc extends into the pipeline.

This considerable reduction in size and weight greatly facilitates installation and reduces installation costs. The disc swings on large diameter hinge pins and a high degree of pressure tightness is assured by the slight clearance on the pivots permitting the disc, when closed, to be completely unsupported by other than the seating face.

Item Details
Body Material
Spheroidal Graphite Ductile Iron
Body Coating
Pressure Range
PN16 / PN35
Size Range
AS 4087 / AS2129 Table E,F&H / ANSI
Flange Connection
AS 4087 / AS2129 Table E,F&H / ANSI
End Connection
Lever & Weight / Limited / Guard Cage / Stainless Steel Trim
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4205 disc check valve