Air Valve

JOHN FIG 771/772

Single Air Valve

Fig 771

This design of air valve is for use in water systems for automatic release of accumulated air during normal operation. Air can enter a pipeline in a number of ways, through pump glands, leaking joints and is even contained in solution in the water itself. This air accumulates at the high points of the system, and unless the flow of water is fast enough to purge the line, large pockets of air form to seriously impede the flow, a condition known as “air binding”. By locating these air valves at specific points in the system, ventilation of these air pockets is achieved, increasing pumping efficiencies and flow capabilities of the pipeline.

Item Details
Body Material
Spheroidal Graphite Ductile Iron
Body Coating
Rubber - Cedar Core
Pressure Range
Size Range
Flange Connection
End Connection
BSPF / AS4087 / AS2129 Table E & F / ANSI
Epoxy Coating
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Fig 771