Resilient Seated, Double Flanged

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Butterfly Valves are manufactured and tested in according to AS4795-2 ,AWWA C504 ,BS EN593 ,TIS383 and also meet the AS4087 ,ASME B16.1 ,BS EN1092-2 ,ISO7005-2 Flanged standard. Face to Face comply with both Long Body and Short Body ISO5752 ,BS EN558 standard. Valves are designed for Vertical, Horizontal and Flat position.

  • Size: 80 mm to 2000 mm and larger size up to 5000 mm.
  • Working Pressure: 10 , 16, ,21 ,25 ,35 ,40 Bar
  • Shell test: 1.5xPN
  • Seat test: 1.1 xPN
  • All international flange connections and coating are available
  • Appilcation fluid: water, sea water, oil, sewage
  • Actuator type : Handwheel, Chainwheel, Gear, Cylinder or Electric motor.
Item Details
Body Material
Ductile Iron
Body Coating
FBE Coated
Stainless Steel (CF8M), EPDM
Pressure Range
PN16 (PN21 Available)
Size Range
DN80 - DN1800
Flange Connection
AS4087 / AS2129 Table E&F / ANSI
End Connection
Gearbox w/hand wheel / Pneumatic/electric actuator / Chain wheel / Shaft Extension
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Fig 485