Quick and Easy Overview About Bronze Safety and Relief Valves

Safety and relief valves have undergone many modifications and are used in a variety of applications.

A pressure relief valve, also called a safety relief valve, is a device that is designed to open at a certain pressure and discharge fluid till the pressure within a vessel returns to an acceptable level.

A French scientist called Denis Papin is credited for the invention of a safety valve. He used the valve for his steam digester, and for many years safety valves or relief valves were employed in steam applications and distillation installations.

Today, safety and relief valves have undergone many modifications and are used in a variety of applications. The primary concern while selecting these valves is protecting people and equipment. So, you should make the selection carefully.

Introduction to Bronze Safety and Relief Valves

Many electronic and hydraulic systems will control a fluid’s temperature, pressure, and flow. However, these systems need an external power source for operation, such as compressed air or electricity.

A pressure relief valve needs to be able to release excessive pressure even when the system controls are not working, or there’s a power failure.  Pressure relief valves allow a rated flow capacity to be discharged through the valve, and for the valve to then close once pressure has reduced back to normal.

The material of these valves is chosen according to its compatibility with the process fluid. Moreover, the material should be strong enough to endure the temperature and pressure of the system fluid. Another essential requirement is that the material should be resistant to chemical corrosion and the external environment to function well even when exposed for long periods.

Bronze is a good material for these valves as it has excellent corrosion resistance. Bronze safety valves are frequently used in hydronic heating systems and industrial steam boilers. 

How Does a Bronze Safety and Relief Valve Work?

A safety and relief valve consists of a spring-loaded disc that is held against the valve seat by the force generated by the spring. Turning the adjustment screw for the spring can increase or decrease the spring force generated and subsequently the opening pressure, known as the set pressure, of the valve.

A safety and relief valve is generally in a closed position. When the upstream pressure becomes higher than the force applied by the spring, the valve ‘cracks’ open and allows the fluid to pass through an outlet port. The valve closes again as soon as the upstream pressure drops below the desired pressure.

Application of Bronze Safety and Relief Valve

Bronze safety and relief valves are used in various applications where maintaining safe pressure levels is essential for the protection of equipment and personnel. They are commonly employed in petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation, and many other areas that use steam, gas, air, or liquid.

Another common application of bronze safety and relief valves is in domestic hot water tanks and boilers. The heating systems employ the valves to prevent an explosion from over pressurization.

Difference Between a Bronze Safety and Relief Valve

Sometimes we use the terms safety valves and relief valves interchangeably. Although both valves have a common task of releasing pressure in a system, they are different. A relief valve functions by controlling the maximum pressure in a pressurized liquid system. These valves protect the equipment from too much pressure and avoid system failures.

On the other hand, safety valves are the last resort valves designed to release pressure immediately in order to prevent a disaster. Safety valves come to the rescue when all the other valves cannot control pressure in a system.

Final Thoughts

Safety and relief valves play a crucial role as they are designed to help your facility avoid hazards that may result from system failures. They not only protect equipment from overpressure conditions but also save lives.

So, you should select a safety valve carefully and give preference to quality. Are you wondering where to get good quality bronze safety and relief valves? Get superb quality valves from one of the most reputed names in the industry. John Valves has been a quality-certified valve manufacturer and supplier for the last 125 years. Contact us today!

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