Valve Reconditioning and Repairs Service

The Experts in Valve Reconditioning and Repair

Valves are a key element of the efficient running of most industrial processes. Not only do they contribute towards efficient operation. They also allow for safe operation and protection in an emergency. So, damage or wear and tear sustained by these vital operational pieces of equipment can result in significant downtime and safety risks.

Our trusted reconditioning and repair service is here to help you keep your equipment performing optimally. Our skilled team is equipped to recondition and repair a wide range of makes, types and sizes of valves. We do this with the knowledge, skills and experience we have acquired during our many years in business.

Our certified and guaranteed service is carried out in our workshops in Australia. Every valve repair or recondition that we do is under strict Australian industry guidelines. This combined with our sophisticated repair facilities and highly skilled and certified technicians mean we can offer the valve reconditioning and repair service you can rely on.

Benefits of Valve Reconditioning and Repair

There are many benefits of reconditioning existing valves over purchasing new replacements. Up to 90% of valves sent to the graveyard could have been restored.

Before replacing your existing equipment, consider our valve reconditioning and repair service to:

  • Achieve savings of up to 50% and more if your valve is salvageable and does not need replacing.
  • Reduce the need for costly modifications to pipe-work as a result of needing new equipment installed.
  • Experience fast and reliable turnaround times that result in minimal disruption to operations.
  • Extend the lifetime of your equipment and the value of your investment.
  • We can offer valve collection and delivery.
  • Have complete peace of mind knowing the job is in safe hands.

Non-Repairable Valves

Most of the valves we see are salvageable and can perform optimally again. However, in the case that our technicians deem a valve to be non-repairable or prone to problems at a later date, we will advise you. We support this advice with our recommendations for a suitable replacement.

The development in valve design has given engineers a variety of valve types to choose from. It’s a case of carefully matching up the service requirements with the design characteristics of the valve. This includes considering the medium handled, the working pressure, temperature, cost and installation.

Our extensively trained sales engineers are dedicated to helping you select the right replacement valve for your application.

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