Industrial Valve Reconditioning and Repair Services

Ensuring Operational Efficiency and Safety

John Valves’ valve reconditioning and repair services,  blends expertise with precision to ensure your industrial processes run smoothly and safely. Valves are not just components; they’re the lifeline of your operations. Understanding this, we dedicate ourselves to maintaining your valves’ health, ensuring they perform optimally, thereby safeguarding against operational downtime and safety hazards.

Who are we?

Comprehensive Valve Maintenance - Our Specialty

At John Valves, we specialise in the reconditioning and repair of all types and sizes of industrial valves. Our services are designed to address wear and tear efficiently, preventing the severe repercussions that can disrupt your operations.

Our experienced team, equipped with the best tools and knowledge, is committed to restoring valve functionality and safety, adhering to strict Australian industry guidelines.

Repair 450mm Gate

Discover the Advantages: Why Reconditioning Beats Replacement

In today’s fast-paced, on-time, industrial world, the decision between replacing or reconditioning equipment can significantly impact your financial and operational operations. This decision becomes even more crucial when it comes to valves – vital components in any industrial setup. 

Our Valve Reconditioning and Repair Services not only offer a sustainable alternative to replacement but also come with a host of benefits that can transform how you maintain your equipment. Here’s why choosing reconditioning over replacement is not just a choice but a wise investment:

Cost-Effective Solutions

Many of the valves end up in the scrapyard. Choosing to recondition can save you up to 50% or more compared to buying new equipment.

Avoiding Modifications

Reconditioning can reduce the need for costly modifications to existing pipework that new equipment might necessitate.

Quick Turnaround

Our efficient processes ensure minimal disruption to your operations. Timing is depends on the size and condition.

Extended Life

Maximise your investment's value by extending the life of your valves. Regular maintenance and repair on expensive valves.


We can organise the collection and delivery of your valve. We have experience shipping nationally and internationally..


Avoid the valve having to be scraped and recycled. This is an energy-intensive process and avoiding the costs on materials.

Sandblasted Valve

Why Choose John Valves for Valve Reconditioning and Repairs?

  • Expertise & Experience
    Highlight the skills and experience of the team.
  • Certified Quality
    Emphasise on certifications and Australian industry standards.
  • Range of Services
    Cover the range of makes and types of valves serviced.