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parallel slide valve

Parallel Slide Valves by John Valves

These valves consist of two discs which maintain contact with the parallel body seats with a light spring. They use line pressure to effect a tight closure. Temperature changes in the line are accommodated by the flexibility of the disc assembly and therefore do not affect the operation of the valves.

When being opened or closed, the discs slide across the seat faces, helping to remove any direct and foreign matter from the seating faces.
We locally manufacture and supply a range of parallel slide valves including:

  • John Fig. 316S Carbon Steel Parallel Slide valve

Parallel Slide Valve Technical Information

Frequently Asked Questions About Parallel Slide Valves

Got questions? Below are some of the questions we get asked often about parallel slide valves.

These valves are mostly used for providing isolation of flow in a piping system when closed. They are commonly used in power generation and critical process industries requiring steam and high temperature hot water.

The seating principle of the parallel slide valve makes it superior to the gate valve in critical high temperature service applications. The parallel slide valve has a more forgiving seating method which negates issues attributed to differential expansion and contraction across the seats. It uses internal fluid pressure to provide a tight seal that you can rely on.

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