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John Valves is an Australian stockist of Bailey Safety Relief and Pressure Reducing Valves. Valves come set your requirements, tested and certified ready for delivery. 

Australian Bailey Stockists, Service & Repair

Alongside JOHN Safety Relief Valves, we supply and service Bailey products. Bailey has been renowned for their quality, reliability, and specialised design. Each valve is pressure set, tested and certificated before being dispatched to your location.

Our range of Bailey valves in stock includes:

  • Range of Sizes:
    Most models come in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs. Specify the size you need when you enquire.
  • Safety Valves:
    Essential for protecting against overpressure conditions, ensuring the safety and operational integrity of pressure systems.
  • Relief Valves:
    Designed to release pressure from systems to prevent potential hazards and system failures.
  • Reducing Valves:
    Regulate pressure within pipelines to maintain a predetermined downstream pressure, crucial for optimal system performance.
Bailey 716

Current Bailey Stock:

Bailey 707

Bailey 716

Bailey Class T

Bailey 746

Bailey 720

Bailey G4 2042

Bailey G4 2043

Bailey G4 2045


Bailey Fig C

Don't let your valves end up on the scrap heap.

John Valves offers a comprehensive safety relief valve servicing. Each valve is inspected, repaired, tested and certified. 

Pressure Valve Setting

Bailey Valve Servicing

Bailey Safety Relief and Pressure Reducing Valves are critical components in various industrial applications, including steam, gas, and liquid systems, where controlling pressure is essential to ensure safety and operational efficiency. 

Serving these valves involves routine maintenance, inspection, and calibration to ensure they function within specified parameters. Testing, a crucial part of the servicing process, is conducted to verify the valve’s set pressure and capacity, ensuring it opens at the correct pressure level and can relieve the desired amount of fluid quickly enough to prevent system overpressure. 

This testing uses specialised equipment that simulates operating conditions and may involve static and dynamic tests to assess the valve’s mechanical integrity and performance. Regular servicing and testing of Bailey Safety Relief and Pressure Reducing Valves not only comply with safety regulations but also minimises equipment failure risk, protecting the facility and personnel from potential harm.

Why Choose Bailey Valves from John Valves?

Stock Availability:
We hold an inventory of Bailey safety valves,
relief valves, and reducing valves to meet immediate
and diverse requirements.

Competitive Pricing:
Our partnership with Bailey Valves ensures
you receive genuine discounts off the
official list price, reflecting our
commitment to providing value
without compromising on quality.

Expertise and Support:
With years of experience in the valve industry, our team
offers unparalleled expertise and support, from selection
 through to post-purchase service.

Enquire About Bailey Valves or Servicing.

For more information about our range of Bailey valves or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact John Valves. 

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible, normally within one working day. If you urgently need assistance call sales 03 5366 2113 or Perth 08 9249 1942

Our dedicated team is here to provide you with the best solutions tailored to your needs.

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