Why Do I Need a Safety Relief Valve?

A relief valve operates as a fail-safe mechanism, engaging only when all other systems have shut down

You’re a manufacturer whose employees work with powerful gas, fluid, and stream processing systems. And although you know these systems are dependable and safe, you also know things happen. Explosions happen. After all, the phrase “never say never” exists for a reason.

This is where safety pressure relief valves come in. 

Why Does My System Need a Safety Relief Valve?

Safety relief valves protect your employees, your facilities, and the environment from catastrophic explosions. A relief valve operates as a fail-safe mechanism, engaging only when all other systems have shut down, and the pressure approaches the maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP). The safety relief valve opens to relieve excessive pressure and remains open until pressure levels revert to normal.

To illustrate: in the event (i.e., a blockage, fire, chemical reaction, system breakdown, power outage) that a production system ceases to operate as intended and primary safety mechanisms fail, pressure may approach dangerous levels. In response, a safety pressure relief valve kicks in to mitigate the build-up of pressure. The pressure relief valve will open, allowing excess water, gas, or steam to escape. Once all is flowing freely, and pressure levels have returned to safe levels, the valve will close.

Initially developed for steam boilers, safety pressure relief valves are today used by water treatment facilities, chemical plants, and other manufacturing businesses.

Plumbing Systems Are Designed to Handle a Certain Pressure

A plumbing system directs materials to outlets, such as a drain. When operating correctly, the plumbing system prevents a build-up of contents to balance the volume of incoming material with outgoing material. If the system fails, elements continue to enter the plumbing system as existing contents remain, resulting in more volume, or pressure, than the system can withstand. This leads to cracks, leaks, and explosions. 

No matter how sturdy the plumbing system is, there is always the potential for failure. Yet if the plumbing system has a safety pressure relief valve, a backlog of pressure is unlikely to occur, and thus the risk of a rupture becomes minimal.

It Protects Your Appliances and Fixture from Breaking

Think about the mechanics of a balloon. A balloon expands as gas enters its walls. You blow and you blow, and the balloon slowly inflates. But if you blow too long, it won’t be able to contain the surplus of gas and will eventually pop. 

Appliances and fixtures respond the same way to excess pressure. So, if you want to avoid repair or replacement costs, it’s best to invest up-front in a safety pressure relief valve. 

It Can Help to Save Water

A pressure relief valve works to maintain optimal, efficient, cost-effective pressure. More isn’t always better for water, gas, or steam pressure. When pressure levels are low and stable, the only water, gas, or steam exiting the system is what is actively used. But, when pressure levels are high, leaks can occur, resulting in materials that are not used but still cost you money.

It’s a Safety Feature

And last but not least, safety pressure relief valves protect your employees from harm. The last thing you want during a system emergency is an injured employee resulting from an explosion, especially if the contents of the system are hot.

If a relief valve stops a pressure system from overfilling, then the system is less likely to burst, and your employees are less likely to sustain a workplace injury.

Safety First

If you work with powerful gas, water, or steam systems, you want to ensure the materials remain safely encapsulated and that waste levels are kept to a minimum. To do so, you need to install safety pressure relief valves.

As one of Australia’s leading valve manufacturers, John Valves can help you choose the best relief valve for your business from its array of cost-effective products and then advise on installing the relief valve into your system to keep your employees safe. For more information, reach out via John Valve’s website, email address (sales@johnvalves.com.au), or phone number (03 5336 2113), and a member of the team will be happy to help you build the ideal solution for your business.

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