Air Valves: Things To Consider Before Making Your Purchase

An air valve is a device that automatically releases air and wastewater gasses, or admits air during the filling, draining or operation of liquid piping systems.

An air valve is a device that automatically releases air and wastewater gasses, or admits air during the filling, draining or operation of liquid piping systems. They play a vital role in protecting the pipeline and ensuring optimum flow efficiency. There are many different types of air valves available. Each type of valve has a unique configuration to meet the system’s specific needs in which it will be used.

What are air valves used for?

If too much air accumulates within a liquid piping system, it can hinder flow and cause a drop in pressure. This can increase pumping costs and damage pumps and pipes, leading to pressure fluctuations, erosion and possible system failure. To prevent these problems, air valves are installed at specific points in the system to release the air and maintain steady pressure.

Water typically contains around 2% dissolved air by volume at standard atmospheric conditions and possibly more at higher pressures. When water flows through a piping system, the dissolved air comes out of solution and accumulates to create air pockets. Air inevitably also enters pipelines through leaks, ineffective seals, other flaws, and valves that haven’t been properly closed. It is essential to have an air valve at each high point, long runs, and at the end of the system to prevent these problems.

Things to consider before making your purchase

It’s crucial to know about the different types and functions of air valves to select the correct valve type for your specific needs. When choosing an air valve, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

Types and sizes of air valve

An improperly sized or selected valve can cause problems within the valve or elsewhere in the system. To avoid serious operating problems, it’s crucial to use the correct size valve for your needs. If you’re unsure how to determine which valve size is best for your system, John Valves can help.

Functions of air valves

Air valves are available in various configurations, air release, air / vacuum and combination valves. Knowing the specific function you need your valves to perform will help you select a valve that performs it.

Performance requirements

It’s also important to consider the performance requirements of your air valves. Operating pressure, flow capacity requirements and temperature can all affect valve performance. Your valves also need to withstand the environmental conditions in which they will be used. Make sure the valve you select can handle the conditions in your system.

Materials of construction

Air valves are constructed from various materials, including brass, steel and plastics. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks, so choosing the right material for your application is essential. For example, brass metal valves are corrosion resistant, while steel and stainless steel valves are durable and withstand high pressures. Construction materials are a critical factor for valves that need to withstand higher temperatures.

Maintenance planning

Planning for maintenance is another factor to consider. Regular maintenance of valves can help maintain their optimum performance. Removable covers allow for easy internal inspection, cleaning, and maintenance that can help keep your equipment running smoothly. You should also think about the availability of replacement parts and their installation.

The importance of air valves

Air valves allow air in and out of piping systems and are vital in many industries. There are many different air valves available on the market, so it’s essential to understand their various features and uses before purchasing. It’s also necessary to take the performance requirements of your system into account, as well as the environmental conditions the valve will be in. Other factors to consider include the type and size, the materials of construction and the maintenance requirements. 

At John Valves, we understand the importance of selecting the correct valve for your needs. Our experts can help you choose the best air valve for your specific application. Contact us today on 03 5336 2113 to learn more about the valves we supply and manufacture.

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