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Butterfly Valves Technical Information

Australian Butterfly Valves by John Valves

The butterfly valve derives its name from the wing-like action of the disc, which operates at right angles to the flow. This quarter-turn rotational motion valve is easy and fast to open and close. It is used to stop, start and regulate flow.
Our butterfly valves utilise elastomer seats and seals. They can be used in wide-open or fully closed positions. In some cases, they can also be used for non-critical throttling applications.
These valves offer a seating surface that is not critical. This is because the disc impinges against a resilient liner to provide bubble tightness with low operating torque.
In comparison to gate valves, globe valves and ball valves for example, butterfly valves possess many advantages. They weigh less, take up less space and are less costly. They are also easy to maintain, consisting of few moving parts and no places for fluids to become trapped.
These valves are ideal for many different fluid services including those that involve the handling of liquids with large amounts of suspended solids.

We supply a range of butterfly valves including:

  • John Fig. 843 Resilient Seal on Body Wafer Style Butterfly Valve
  • John Fig. 844 Resilient Seal on Body Lug Style Butterfly Valve
  • John Fig. 845 Resilient Seal on Body Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
  • John Fig. 910 Double Eccentric Seal on Disc Flanged Butterfly Valve

Frequently Asked Questions About Butterfly Valves

Got questions? Below are some of the questions we get asked often about butterfly valves.

Butterfly valves are suitable for use in space restrictive and constant load applications as well as throttling. They are typically found in water, cooling, air, gas, and fire protection services.

The butterfly valve offers versatility. In addition to being suitable for isolation duties,, it’s also suitable to modulate flow rates. The opening and closing speed of the gate valve and butterfly valve differ significantly. In cases whereby quick starting or stopping of the fluid is needed, the butterfly valve is preferable due to its quarter turn motion.

The versatility of the butterfly valve paired with its cost-effectiveness and compactness make it the first choice for many customers.

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